Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Skilcraft U.S. Government Pens

I usually don't get too excited about ballpoint pens, but I got to use one of these a while back, and must say they are pretty cool.  They have an interesting backstory, too.  Would pair nicely with a Field Notes notebook.  Here's some info from the Washington Post:

"The original design -- brass ink tube, plastic barrel not shorter than 4 5/8 inches, ball of 94 percent tungsten carbide and 6 percent cobalt -- has changed little over the decades. It costs less than 60 cents. The pen's roots date to the Depression. The 1938 Wagner-O'Day Act required the federal government to buy certain products made by the blind, thereby creating jobs for a then-marginalized population. First came mops and brooms, but the program eventually expanded to include a full line of cleaning and office supplies under the brand name Skilcraft."

Read the entire article here


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