Monday, July 5, 2010

Vintage Hamilton Carhartt Bandana

Today I spent a few bucks at the local antique mall and picked up a cool old bandana made by the Carhartt company.  This is the same Carhartt that is around today making the clothes worn by construction workers all across America.  After looking around on the internet, I haven't been able to locate much information about this particular design.  I'd really like to find a date for it.  There is an identical one on the e-workers website (scroll to the bottom), which looks to have a bit of info.  Unfortunately, I cannot read the Japanese...  Another website mentioned 1920's but wasn't very clear about it. 
If you've got any info, let me know.  Personally, I think the design is pretty cool-- quite different from most of the other bandannas I've seen.  Lately, a few old bandannas have gone for ridiculous prices on eBay.  I kind of hope this one isn't worth that much, that way I can keep it and not feel bad about not making a profit off of it.
Here's more pix:

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