Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Better than new? Frye Brando Engineer Resole

I got these Frye Brando boots about a year ago. They had served me pretty well so far, but the thin over-soles and heels were wearing through to the leather, so it was time for a re-sole.

The local shop called the Wooden Shoe is the only shoe repair place within an hour's drive, so I decided to take them there. It took about a week for them to do the work and I am pretty happy with the results. Here's what $60 got me:

--New Biltrite composite soles, stitched down
--New rubber heels
--Shoe shine
--Brown edge dressing
--Speech from the owner about how I should polish my boots more often.

I could have done without the last three items, but it's okay-- natural wear and tear will do its job. (And I do condition the leather with Pecard's and Kiwi neutral on the toes and heels when I feel like it.) Overall, I am very pleased with the work, and these Biltrites should last considerably longer than the stock soles. I kind of like the look, too...


  1. Man, they look great and the guy did a stellar job for just $60!

  2. Thanks! Yeah, I think they turned out pretty good!

  3. Where is this Wooden Shoe place located?