Saturday, June 25, 2011

Favilla Teardrop Ukulele?

This is my travel uke, and it is a bit of a mystery. It sure looks like a Favilla Teardrop, but it is not branded anywhere that I can see. When I first got it, I thought it was just a knock-off or something, but it certainly has a nice loud bark like a a real Favilla. This uke has apparently had a busy life-- the color on the fingerboard has worn away in the usual spots on the first four frets, it has chips and scratches all over it (but no cracks in the body, amazingly), and apparently someone knocked a piece off of the bridge at some point in its life. To make it tune-able, unfortunately I had to remove the cool old red, bell-shaped tuners and replace them with generic ones, and to make the bridge work, I added the round metal piece from the end of a guitar string-- it just holds in the nook of where the bridge broke off. It definitely has character, and it is pretty fun to play. Anybody out there know if Favilla made any un-branded instruments?

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  1. I just bought one that looks identical to yours except that mine does have the Favilla crest at the top. Made in the 1920s